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Urban-pop duo Domino Saints talks ‘Desquite’

Puerto Rican latin-pop duo Domino Saints is pouring all their passion, excitement, and buenas vibras into the making of their most recent production. And together are getting ready for their gran “Desquite.” 


Desquite, a Spanish-language word which translates to revenge, is the name of Dominos’ latest single; a song about letting loose after a bad day, bad streak or even a bad break-up.


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The twosome, which has been together since 2012, got their most prominent rise to fame last year with their song Mi Orgullo, which garnered more than 6 million views on Youtube and over 10,000,000,00 digital streams.


And recently took the stage at the 59th annual Festival Internacional de Viña del Mar – Latin America’s biggest three-day music festival – which takes place in Chile, to perform the song.



Their new single Desquite is one of the songs off Domino Saints’ new untitled album – which is set to release sometime this year.


The duo’s unique blend of Reggaeton and dance-hall fusion captures the essence of the Caribbean, something both Gigi and David wanted to make sure came through on Desquite.


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“This song has a lot of both of us. All of our songs do, but on this song specifically, David and I let it all out,” Gigi said in Spanish, as she let one of her signature laughs.


“Yes, [writing the lyrics] was very liberating,” added David.


Domino Saints' David Leal and Gigi Ojeda

Pride of Puerto Rico: Domino Saints’ David Leal and Gigi “Giselle” Ojeda spend time in Miami for the launch of their latest single “Desquite.” (Press Pass Latino/Jackie Diaz)


For Gigi, the track represents a breaking away from making music in a style that she feels has been expected from her by industry insiders.


“Being a woman in the Urban genre, people always want to mold you,” she said.


“So, this time I said to hell with it and for the first time I’m going to write what I want to write.”


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Gigi, who said she grew up idolizing iconic singer, songwriter and rapper, Lauryn Hill, has always loved to rap and on Desquite fans can, for the first time, hear as she taps into this hidden talent.


“This song represents a kind of new era for us,” she said. “Of us, having fun, being us and just making music that we truly love and feel passionate about.”


Selfie with Domino Saints' singers

Angels Only: From left to right, Domino Saints’ David Leal, Press Pass Latino reporter Jackie Diaz, and Domino Saints’ Giselle “Gigi” Ojeda pose for a post interview selfie. (Press Pass Latino/Jackie Diaz)


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