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Disney’s Lady and the Tramp gets a makeover

Disney’s all-time favorite dogs “Lady and The Tramp”, is back and coming to a screen near you–only this time as a live-action film. The timeless re-telling of the 1955 animated classic tells the story of a pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray who embark on an unexpected adventure and despite their differences, grow closer and come to understand the value of HOME.

What makes the film even more lovable is that the filmmakers filled the cast with rescue dogs from all over the country. The four-legged pups came from pounds, shelters and foster homes. Tramp, who is played by Monte, was a stray who was rescued from a shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The crew fell in love with him.

“He’s the most remarkable dog” said Producer Brigham Taylor. “He’s really charming and gentle and has so much soul in his eyes and he couldn’t have been more perfect for Tramp” said Taylor.

Lady is played by Rose, who comes from a loving rescue home in Utah.

“She was living with an owner who felt like she needed a job because she was very active.” said Taylor. When Rose and Monte, our two stars met, it was very clear they were meant for each other” said Taylor.

The dogs trained for 4 months in preparation for filming. The experience turned into an inspiring adoption story. When filming finished, the entire cast of rescues found their forever homes

“I’ve always had rescue animals growing up and there’s something really incredible about giving them a second chance” said Tessa Thompson who is the voice of Lady.

The star studded cast includes Tessa Thompson (voice of Lady), Justin Theroux (voice of Tramp), Kiersey Clemons (Darling), Thomas Mann (Jim Dear), Janelle Monáe (voice of Peg), Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah) and Sam Elliot (voice of Trusty).

We caught up with the cast members in Miami, Rose(Lady), Monte(Tramp) and actor Adrian Martinez who plays Elliot, to discuss the new animated film. You can stream & watch Disney’s Lady and the Tramp on DISNEY+, which debuts on November 12.

Q: Do you remember the first time you saw the movie as kid? Adrian Martinez: Actually I hadn’t seen the original until I started this project. It just wasn’t in my circle growing up.

Q: What did you think about it when you saw it? Adrian Martinez: I loved it. It’s very sweet. But I also love what we did with the newer version. It takes the spirit of the movie and it adds on the special effects and the live action actors. And it’s cool.

Q: Was there anything challenging while making the movie? Adrian Martinez: Running. (Laughs) I don’t usually run unless I’m being chased. In this case I had to chase Lady & Tramp uphill, downhill. I had to chase CGI balls that represented the dogs. In Savannah, GA, in the Summer, wearing a full corduroy suit designed by Coleen Atwood. It’s a great outfit but Oh My God I sweated so much.

Q: How do you feel about being the “Bad Guy” chasing dogs? Adrian Martinez: I don’t really see him as the bad guy. He’s just doing his job. Like, you don’t want to go to the Versailles restaurant here and have a dog come up to your table and try to eat your steak. So that’s what I was thinking. Let me keep the order.

Q: Do you love dogs? Adrian Martinez: Yes, I love dogs. We had a dog, Mylo. He died unfortunately, this year. We had him 14 years. He was a pug. He was the best. I love dogs. Dogs are the best.

Q: What are your thoughts on the whole move from cinema to streaming services? Adrian Martinez: It’s where the world is and you have to go with the flow. I’m sure we had this conversation back in the day, you know ‘What about going from horses to cars?’. It’s just the way the world is. The whole world is about change. Everyday changes. I’m open to it. I still feel that there’s certain projects that are best served on the big screen. I feel like it’s cool.


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