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Daddy Yankee, Six Stand-out Quotes from the 2016 Latin Billboards

Daddy Yankee shared interesting tidbits about the Reggaeton music genre at the Billboards.

Daddy Yankee – one of the most iconic names in the Reggaeton music and urban music genre – spoke alongside Don Omar in the “Clash of the Titans” panel at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference last week at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami.


The “Gasolina” star dropped some serious fuego, during the panel moderated by Leila Cobo, Executive Director of Latin Content and Programming for the Billboards. With his fiery personality and unique swagga at center stage throughout the event, it was hard to pick our favorite Daddy Yankee quotes but after much deliberation here’s our top six stand-out quotes from “El Cangri”:



Daddy Yankee is photographed by members of the press at the 2016 Latin Billboards.

The Big Boss: Daddy Yankee dropped some serious knowledge at the 2016 Latin Billboards Conference “Clash of the Titans” panel. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino).



1. On Reggaeton music as a Latino genre: “If you think about it…el Reggaeton es Reggaeton a nivel mundial…every other music genre has the word ‘Latino’ attached to the end of it, Pop Latino, Rock Latino…and so on…not Reggaeton. Reggaeton doesn’t need it because already on its own, it’s a genre deeply rooted in our culture so, wherever you go throughout the world it’s just Reggaeton and that in itself is associated with being Latino…es un genero de musica que identifica a los Latinos” (Mindblown? Yeah, we thought so.)



2On Developing New Talent for his record label Cartel Records: “They have natural talent and have fan bases that are growing organically and exponentially so as an entrepreneur I had to say, ‘Come on over to my label and let’s do some work’.”


Daddy Yankee at the 2016 Latin Billboards Conference with new talent Bryago.

Cartel Records: Daddy Yankee presents two new artists signed to his label and speaks of his role developing new talent as a mentor and entrepreneur. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino).


3. On what he spends Too Much Money on: “I spend too much money on…saving! [laughs]. (Really Daddy Yankee? What about that gold chain you’re rocking? hmm…lol)



4. On his Favorite Fashion Accessory: MiPiquete.com Mami” (a confused Cobo asked ‘What’s that?” “…You know, my swag,” he replied flicking his shirt. Oh Daddy Yankee! You’d be our favorite accessory too 😉 



5. On the evolution of Urban Music: “Reggaeton music has never left the street but the street is now online, it’s the internet. Young, emerging artists don’t need conventional methods to succeed,” said Daddy Yankee. “They just need a Youtube channel where they can publish the recording they made on their closet studio at home. Then they get thousands or millions of views and suddenly people ask, ‘Adonde salio este chamaquito?’ and everyone rushes to sign them to a label so, of course, the genre is changing.”



6. On what makes Reggaeton “Reggaeton”: “It’s very competitive, there’s tiradera, there’s picardia, it’s always been the music of the streets and it still is, it’s a music for the people and that’s the true essence of Reggaeton…”

Daddy Yankee spoke during the clash of the titans panel at the Billboard Latin Music Conference.

El Cangri: Daddy Yankee stands before an audience at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino).

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