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Clinique’s New Products Give Chubby a New Meaning

Clinique Chubby Make UPWhen it comes to beauty and make up brand Clinique, you’re sure to get the best products for your skin.

They’re all about the natural look and really enhancing your natural beauty, no matter what age group you belong to and what’s even better is that the company is always creating something new.

Their recently released Chubby line features mascara and contour sticks, which are over-sized, chunky additions to the company’s product list.  Press Pass Latino attended the launch of the new Chubby product line at our local Clinique counter and were not disappointed.

First of all, there’s more than your regular ‘ol black mascara.

At just $17, Chubby Lash™ Fattening Mascara is ophthalmologist and allergy tested!

You can choose to thicken up your lashes with either blue, purple or black! The mascara is great to create a bold, yet subtle look. Whether you’re going to work or for a night out on the town, one of these is sure to create the look you want. The bristles are thin and firm which allow the creation of beautiful, long, thick lashes minus the clumps.

How great is that?

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DSC02046Next, we tested out the contour sticks, also part of the new Chubby line.

Now, contouring is something that really takes time to master and perfect. I’ve been trying for a year and still can’t get it quite right. However, the Chubby Stick™ Sculpting Contour makes it super easy for beginners. It literally consists of drawing the lines all over your face in the correct areas and just blending.

No more issues with using different shades for different parts of the face. Just one stick, one color and you’re set! At $22, it’s practically a steal. What I loved most about the contour stick was that it didn’t feel heavy at all on my skin and it was easy to use.

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The event was a total success. There were beauty consultants giving advice based on client’s needs and even giving free makeovers! I’ve found that a lot of make up counters at department store Macy’s will work on your face for free, without having to purchase anything, so that’s always good to know.

In case you ever want to try out a product before you buy it, I recommend meeting with a beauty consultant and trying it out for yourself.

Over the years, Clinique has really proven to be the makeup line for all ages, but I think this new line is really meant to reel in a younger crowd.

DSC02040Check out everything Clinique has to offer on their site, or head on over to your nearest beauty store (you know, I love me some Sephora) and try out some of their products. From foundation, to concealer, eyeliner and contouring, you’re bound to find the right products for you.


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