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Christina Aguilera’s epic impression of Britney Spears: Don’t believe me just watch!

Christina Aguilera's impression of Britney Spears is spot on

Can Britney Spears belt out songs a-lo-Cristina Aguilera?

She might have to summon a Genie in a Bottle to do it. Maybe or maybe not and he world might never know for sure but Aguilera has her former Mickey Mouse Club costar’s breathy cooing down pat. No doubts about it, not a single one.

Aguilera, a coach on The Voice, made an appearance on yesterday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and held her own in a spontaneous “Wheel of Musical Impressions” challenge.

The rules of game called for Aguilera and Fallon to push a button. The button would then randomly select a song along with the name of particular artist and Aguilera and Fallon had to belt it out in the style of the selected singer.

For Aguilera’s first impression she had to sing the Folger’s coffee jingle in the voice of her Burlesque costar Cher. Her rendition? Pretty impressive.  Point Christina.

Then Fallon was up with a version of “Grand Old Flag” sang as the legendary Davie Bowie. Not bad. Point Fallon.

But what happened next blew Fallon out of the water. Aguilera was hit with singing “This Little Piggy” as Britney Spears.

“You know Britney Spears right?” teased Fallon. “Oh yeah!” she said. What came out of her mouth next? Let’s just say if you weren’t watching you wouldn’t believe your ears. X-Tina’s second performance resembled Britney Spear’s voice so much that it received a standing ovation from Fallon. The audience was loving it!

The voices of Michael McDonald and Shakira were also summoned but no other rendition topped the one of the Baby One More Time singer.

While we’re not sure what Spears’ reaction to the video might be, Aguilera’s prowess as an impressionist is nothing short of spectacular. She’s definitely a tough act to follow for the next contestant of “Wheel of Musical Impressions”.

Christina Aguilera's impression of Britney Spears is spot on

Christina Aguilera killed it on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with her rendition of “This Little Piggy” sang in the style of former Mickey Mouse Club costar Britney Spears. (Photo Courtesy of NBC)


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