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Chiquito Team band on “La Llamada de mi Ex” and European tour

Chiquito Team Band was nominated to two premios Soberanos.

You might not yet have heard of Chiquito Team Band, a group of six salseros from Dominican Republic, but we’re sure you’ve heard their hit single, “La Llamada de mi Ex” blasting on the radio.

The song’s catchy and provocative lyrics, which go a little something like this: “Que diablos quieres, que parte de no, no entiendes…vete con quien tu quieras y no me vuelvas a hablar…y la verdad es que lo hace mucho mejor que tu…”, have put Chiquito Team Band on the map, in the competitive salsa music world.

However, the salsa band, which performs with an eight-person orchestra, has been together since June of 2012.

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Chiquito Team Band is making a name for itself in the salsa music world.

Chiquito Team Band spoke to our Entertainment Editor, Daysi Calavia-Robertson, during an interview in America Teve studios in Miami, Florida. (Photo courtesy of Merlyn Marcano).

Rafael Berroa (Chiquito Timbal) and Emmanuel Frias (Manuel Piano), who met in their homeland through mutual friends and formed part of other salsa groups in the past, are both, lead singers of Chiquito Team Band.

Even so, it’s not unusual for other band members to take the microphone to sing or try their hands at writing some of the group’s original songs.

“Our song ‘La Llamada de mi Ex’ has been a huge hit internationally and its had an overwhelming response from fans as well from as the media,” said Manuel Piano in an interview with Press Pass Latino.

“We think it’s because the lyrics are so relatable, I mean who hasn’t had an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, call you while you’re hanging out with your new relationship? That’s what we think has made the song so popular and so appealing, the fact that it’s so relateable.”

Despite “La Llamada de mi Ex” ‘s  widespread success, Chiquito Team Band has been hard at work on new music and recently released new single “Punto y Aparte”.

They’re also working on finishing touches for upcoming tour dates this May, when they’ll perform in several salsa clubs in New York (La Boom and Salsa con Fuego) and in venues abroad in a few European nations.

Chiquito Team Band performed in Miami.

What’s going on here?: The spontaneous nature of the boys from salsa group, Chiquito Team Band, was more then obvious during our interview. (Screengrab).

“We have fans everywhere! from New Orleans to Alaska, it’s shocking!” said Chiquito Timbal, whose smile was a giveaway to his excitement.

“It’s amazing and we’re so grateful to be able to feel all this love and warmth from fans, wherever we go.”

On what sets Chiquito Team Band apart from other bands in the salsa music genre, Manuel Piano said:

“Our dynamic is unique, we’re like brothers, best friends, superheroes…that’s Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman [he said in jest, pointing at and teasing one of the band members]…

“No, but in all seriousness, what’s most important and nice about us is that we’re real people, we don’t believe that celebrity hype, we owe our careers to the people, who listen to our music, we’re natural, just how people see us on T.V. or at our shows…that’s just how we really are, and that’s what we give to the public, people loooove that about us because with us, what you see is what you get.”

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Chiquito Team Band performs hit "La Llamada de mi Ex" during a live television show in Miami. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino).

Chiquito Team Band performs hit “La Llamada de mi Ex” during a live television show in Miami. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino).

Chiquito Team Band obtained two nominations to Dominican Republic’s most prestigious music and performing arts awards, los Premios Soberanos, in the categories of Revelacion del Año (Break out artists of the year) and Orquestrador o Arreglista del Año (Band Director/ Producer).  

For more information on Chiquito Team Band’s music or upcoming performances, visit, www.chiquitoteamband.com or follow them on social media, @chiquitoteambandrd on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch Chiquito Team Band’s official video for “La Llamada de mi Ex” below:


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