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Chino y Nacho heat things up with “Tu me Quemas”

Chino y Nacho's latest single "Tu me Quemas" are heating up the air waves.

Venezuelan pop duo Chino y Nacho recently fired up the stage at Premios Juventud 2014.

The “mi niña bonita” singers are now going to do the same in South America on their promotional tour for their new single “Tu me Quemas”.

“Tu me Quemas” was produced by Dominican singer and producer Maffio and written by Nacho.

“I was inspired to write this song after listening to the instrumental that Maffio put together,” said Nacho.

“It’s like when you’re watching a movie and the music being played in a specific scene is telling you something, I feel as if that’s what led me to write the words for this song.”

Both, Chino and Nacho, felt that “Tu me Quemas” was a perfect fit for their musical style and decided to go into the recording studio with Maffio to try it out.

“We recorded a video for it and soon it’ll be on iTunes but we got tremendous feedback about the song from our fans so we knew it was special,” he said.

As far as women are concerned Chino admits that when he finds a special one, he loses his focus and likes to indulge in those initial feelings of love and infatuation.

“I love Latina women and they always make me feel wonderful,” he said. “When I really like someone I lose my mind and like being romantic, it’s so beautiful having songs like ‘tu me quemas’  to dedicate to them.”

However, “tu me quemas” is just a sample of that, the upcoming album due for release in November of 2014 is considered by Chino y Nacho as an evolution of their sound.

“We grew from the first album to the second album and now we’ve grown even more,” said Chino.

“It’s our first album produced entirely in the United States, we have a more mature perception of the business and of our music and we decided to kind of take a back seat and work with other artists that have collaborated with us and given us their input about where they think we can go and what we can do to take our music to another level.”

But the boys are not entirely used to this, from day one Chino y Nacho have written and produced all of their own music and are not afraid of hard work.

“It’s been a different process but I have to say that we’ve enjoyed it,” he said.

Their next stop is Dominican Republic and after that they will visit their homeland Venezuela and make stops in Margarita and Caracas.

“Every country has its own flavor,” said Chino. “It would be impossible to pinpoint a crowd that we love more than another, we’ve had great experiences in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Nicaragua.”

He specifically recalls a sold out concert date in Spain.

“The place was packed, we were in Madrid and we started meeting people at our concert,” he said. “It was amazing to find out that there were people there from France, Italy and even as far as Poland.”

It’s not hard to figure out why they have fans all over the world.

Chino’s laid-back swag, natural charm and inviting smile are a perfect complement for Nacho’s more assertive persona but when the cameras and lights turn off it’s a different story.

Nacho starts moving around the room and suddenly breaks a move. He starts copying the dance moves of the famous “marlins fan”.

The few reporters left in the room burst into laughs and someone asks “Where’s Chino?” 

“I’m here,” he says peeking his head back into the room and flashing his signature smile. “Why does anybody need something? You can call me if you need anything.”

Sure Chino, your fans will be calling you in no time. 


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