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Carlos PenaVega opens up about his role in Spare Parts and what it was like kissing his wife on screen

Carlos PenaVega played Oscar Vazquez in Spare Parts.

Actor Carlos PenaVega, of Big Time Rush fame, has recently launched his film career as Oscar Vazquez in the movie Spare Parts.

The actor of Dominican and Spanish descent shared scenes with comedian George Lopez, actresses Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis, among other Hollywood A-Listers.

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The 25-year-old actor also shared credits with real-life flame, wife Alexa PenaVega. The couple even shared a few on-screen smooches.

“Working with Alexa was honestly amazing,” said PenaVega to Press Pass Latino. “She’s such a pro so for me to work with her, in my first movie EVER, it was such a blessing to have her to kind of hold my hand through the whole thing.”

PenaVega jokes that he was paid by the film’s producers to kiss his wife and adds that it was a “pretty sweet deal”.

Jokes aside, the role of Oscar Vazquez, a Mexican-American undocumented youth living in Arizona who dreamed of serving in the armed forces and who with the help of his teachers and mentors entered an underwater robotics competition sponsored by NASA, couldn’t be further from PenaVega’s real life persona.

Carlos PenaVega played Oscar Vazquez in Spare Parts.


“Oscar Vazquez isn’t just a character, he’s a real life person,” said PenaVega. “Big Time Rush was a crazy, crazy and goofy live cartoon basically, but this is so real and different and it’s based on a true story.”

PenaVega confesses that getting into character was hard and that he met with Oscar Vazquez in order to research the role.

“I had to go and meet him and talk to him,” explains the Spare Parts star. “You know, I’m telling somebody’s life story and that’s not something you can take lightly.”

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Carlos PenaVega debuts in the big screen in the film Spare Parts.

CARLOS PENAVEGA as OSCAR VAZQUEZ, an undocumented youth who dreams of serving in the armed forces in SPARE PARTS.

PenaVega stresses the differences between playing Oscar Vazquez in Spare Parts and Carlos on Big Time Rush.

“I saw the movie [Spare Parts] the other day and I was like ‘why aren’t I smiling? why aren’t I jumping around?’ and it’s because the character is so determined and so serious all the time and so I was like ‘ok, so I guess I did it some justice.” 

PenaVega added that sharing the screen with Latino celebrity George Lopez on his film debut was equally awe-striking

“George [Lopez] is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met,” he said. “He’s so down-to-earth and the fact that he was able to do this movie where he has serious scenes where’s he actually crying and doing that just shows you that he’s a full circle talent.”

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PenaVega not short for talent himself has several projects underway some which are far removed from the film world.

In 2015, Carlos will be spending a lot of time in a different type of studio, the recording studio.

“I’m currently working on a Spanglish album right now,” said PenaVega.

“There’ll be some Merengue, Salsa, Hip Hop…I mean you name it, it’ll be in there, Big Time Rush was fun American boy band pop and now I’m taking that and taking it back to my Latin roots and see what I come up with.”

Spare Parts is currently in theaters nationwide. 


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