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East Los High’s Carlito Olivero stars in horror flick Bad Samaritan

Carlito Olivero as Derek Sandoval in Bad Samaritan.

You may not want to trust East Los High’s Carlito Olivero with your keys. Lately, the 28-year-old actor has been spending most of his time stealing cars. And the rest of it, stealing the spotlight. Olivero makes his most prominent leap to the big screen yet, as valet parking attendant and thief Derek Sandoval in director Dean Devlin’s chilling horror film Bad Samaritan.


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In the film, which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, May 4th, Olivero breaks away from the lovable, upbeat, persona fans have seen him play in other projects such as 2012’s We the Party or his current role in Lionsgate/YouTube Red series Step Up: High Water. But his portrayal of Sandoval, Olivero said, “still adds a level of playfulness and humor to certain scenes.”


In between television appearances and a series of back to back flights, Carlito Olivero took a few minutes of his time to jump on a call with me and talk to me about Bad Samaritan, his upcoming projects, and what he’s willing to do for fans who show love for the movie:


Carlito Olivero

Big Screen Bae: Carlito Olivero leaps to the big screen as thief Derek Sandoval in Bad Samaritan. (Courtesy)

Press Pass Daysi: Hi, Carlitos! How are you? It’s so nice to speak to you again. You must be exhausted.


Carlito Olivero: I am a bit tired but I’m also very, very excited about all the work I’m doing and excited to be able to talk to you again and share a little bit about what I’ve been working on with fans.


Press Pass Daysi: Yes, and I’m sure your fans will be thrilled…so, tell me after playing Derek Sandoval, on Bad Samaritan, who is basically a bonafide valet parking car thief. Do you now not trust valet parking attendants with your keys?


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Carlito Olivero: You know what, I already didn’t trust them [laughs] but yes, now I absolutely don’t trust them. I mean, if I can walk a block and park my own car, why valet park? I had already seen a bunch of videos online of parking attendants stealing all types of things from inside cars they were supposed to park so I’m just like ‘No, I won’t let that happen to me.” 


Press Pass Daysi: And are you extra protective of your car?


Carlito Olivero: Yes, I drive a green 2004 Range Rover. And that’s my baby! I don’t let people eat in my car or bring in markers [laughs] or anything that could damage it. And I never leave anything of value inside my car either because even if your car is not that nice, thieves will still try to rob you.


Press Pass Daysi: [Laughs] Yes, well you should know. In Bad Samaritan, you are that thief! Carlito, you’re an actor but you’re also a singer, what you enjoy the most being on stage or on set?




Carlito Olivero: Ahhh!, I’d have to say on stage. I love acting and I had such a great experience working on Bad Samaritan but I have to say there’s something special about being on stage and watching complete strangers singing the lyrics to a song you recorded in your bedroom. It’s just such a unique sense of power and freedom that’s hard to replicate.


Press Pass Daysi: I can’t even begin to imagine. What are other projects are you working on now and which ones would you like to work in?


Carlito Olivero: I’m starring in the Lionsgate/YouTube Red series Step Up: High Water, which is based off the hit franchise. And working on that, it’s really been fun. Naya Rivera is in it, Ne-Yo, Faizon Love, it’s a great cast all around. I also recently wrapped another feature film called Blood Heist, starring and produced by James Franco…a project I’d love to work in would be something where there was a Latino superhero. That’s what has been so great about the success of Blank Panther, I think it’s that it has opened the way for more movies in which minorities can take center stage and shine, so I’d love to be like the first Puerto Rican superhero in an action film.



Press Pass Daysi: Well, you’re speaking into the universe, so I’m sure it will happen. Would you like to send any special message to your more than 100,000, yes, I said 100,000, followers.


Carlito Olivero: [Laughs] Yes, my fans are everything to me. I mean I think sometimes some celebrities or just people in the entertainment world lose sight of that. Who are we creating for? Who are we making music for? Making movies for? So, I definitely try to be as responsive and engaging with all the people who support me day in and day out. I’m also doing something that to me is kind of special so for every fan, every person who goes to watch Bad Samaritan on May 4th, opening day, and posts a selfie with their ticket stub where I can clearly see the name of the movie on it, I will personally be calling that fan. They can just tag me on the post, tag the film, and shoot me a DM (direct message) with their number and I’ll be calling them. It might take me a long time but they can have my word, I will be calling them. But remember, the post has to be shared on opening day.


Press Pass Daysi: Wow, I’m pretty speechless. That’s…bold! It’s pretty crazy but hey, I guess we’ll see…I’ll be posting my selfie and I’ll talk to you soon, I guess? 


Carlito Olivero: Yes, you will.


Bad Samaritan starring David Tennant, Robert Sheehan, Carlito Olivero, Kerry Condon, Jacqueline Byers opens in theaters nationwide Friday, May 4th.


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