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‘Como se llama? Caibo!’, Venezuelan duo tours U.S.

Caibo is making a name for themselves in the United States.

When Simon “Toto” Ruiz and Beethzart “Bet” Acosta, now known as Venezuelan duo Caibo, were young musicians living in their home city Maracaibo, they often ran into each other at parties, music festivals and other local hangouts.

“We were both extremely passionate about making music so we ran in the same circles,” said Toto. “Yeah, we started to become friends and then to jam out together and soon we realized we made a great team together musically,” added Beethzart.

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The boys, who joined forces in 2005, borrowed from the name ‘Maracaibo’ and shortened it to ‘Caibo’.

“It’s what made the most sense to us because our music is so deeply rooted in the culture, spirit, atmosphere and traditional sounds of the city,” said Toto, who describes the duo’s musical identity as a fusion between AfroVenezuelan music and Venezuelan pop rhythms such as calypso, the bagpipe drum, and folkloric parang sounds.

Toto and Bet from Caibo will be performing in Miami, Orlando and Houston.

Toto and Bet enjoy performing live and will be doing so on a three-city tour in the U.S. (Photo Courtesy of Caibomusica.com)

A decade after merging their talents, Toto, a self-educated singer, guitarist and composer, and Bet, a classically trained singer and pianist, have three studio productions under their belts.

In 2008, they released Tres son Multitud, in 2012 Poesia Criolla and in 2014 the Poesia Criolla DVD.

Both Toto and Bet, have written and produced all of their songs, and claim to have a special affinity for acoustic style performances. However, they will be spending time in the studio again soon to work on a new production.

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“We love performing live and enjoy that special interaction with the crowd,” said Beethzart, who added that his favorite part of being on a three-city tour with Caibo in the United States was meeting and greeting fans.

Caibo will perform on September 3rd in Orlando, Florida at Señor Frogs, on September 5th in Miami, Florida at Flamingo Theater Bar and on September 12th in Houston, Texas at the Viva Venezuela Music Festival 2015.

Toto and Beethzart perform with Nacho from Chino y Nacho

From left to right Beethzart, Nacho, Alejandro Chaban and Toto, pose for a photo at Univision’s Despierta America’s studios in Miami, Florida. (Photo courtesy of Despierta America Tv Instagram)

“We’ll be sharing the stage with Chino y Nacho at Viva Venezuela 2015 and we had the pleasure of working with Nacho recently on our latest single ‘Te llevo en mi Corazon’,” said Toto, who also says Caibo has worked with other high profile artists in the past such as Maluma and Servando y Florentino.

“It’s a fun, energy packed song and we had an amazing time collaborating with him and filming the video.”

Nacho also joined Caibo in their recent appearance on Univision’s Despierta America morning show where he spoke about his connection with the duo and performed “Te llevo en mi Corazon” with them.

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For more information on Toto, Beethzart and Caibo music, visit www.caibomusica.com. You can also enjoy Caibo’s spontaneous, acoustic performance of “Te llevo en mi Corazon” for Press Pass Latino below:


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