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Brew at the Zoo, you should’ve been there too!

Brew at the Zoo
Daddy Brews had a booth at Miami's Brew at the Zoo beer festival.

Daddy Brews served a selection of 12 craft beers at Miami’s Brew at the Zoo beer festival. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino)

In what went from a rain-soaked evening to a clear night of beer drinking, Miami’s Brew at the Zoo beer festival was a success.

With a little over 100 beers on tap, from local brewers 4th Age Brewing and Miami Brewing Co. to more commercial varieties such as Budlight Lime-a-Rita’s and Shock Top, there was a beer for every taste.

4th Age Brewing was a big hit at Brew at the Zoo.

4th Age Brewing, a local South Florida brewing company, served flan-flavored beer to festival goers. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino)

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Rapper Vanilla Ice performed at Brew at the Zoo’s main stage and pretty much drowned the crowd with the 95 plus water bottles he used to spray them. Just one of Ice’s antics to hype up the audience but I’ll admit it was a hot night.

He did, however, manage to hook the crowd with 80’s hits “Go Ninja” and his infamous song “Ice, Ice, Baby”.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice performing his infamous song “Ice, Ice, Baby” at Brew at the Zoo (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino )

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Beers such as Dogfish Head and Victory were already tapped out once general admission ticket holders made their way in.

It seems to me as if that was the only downside of the Brew at the Zoo beer festival.

Other than that, all other booths were busy pumping out beautiful golden deliciousness until 11:00 p.m.

Let’s see what crazy craft beer flavors we come across at the 6th annual Brew at the Zoo, next year.

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