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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Modiface debuts real time photo and video editing app

Modiface demonstrates 'Beauty Mirror" app features.

(Image provided by Modiface)

The latest technology in the quest for physical perfection can soon be within reach.

Last Tuesday Mail Online announced the debut of ‘Beauty Mirror’ by Modiface, a New York based firm that specializes in the integration of academic facial recognition research for the creation of photo-editing applications easily found in your app-store.

Using your iPhone or iPad, you can perform virtual plastic surgery in real-time without the need to edit your picture after the fact.

‘Beauty Mirror’ works by using 3D facial tracking technology and allowing the user to instantly modify their face in real-time. In doing so the app allows the user to make changes that are both natural and seamless, achieving a look that doesn’t appear to be edited.

Some of the features of the app include: the ability to slightly slim the user down, perform a face lift, change the structure of facial features and reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes.

“We’re excited to bring an app to the marketplace that will not leave users looking very obviously edited, but instead just slightly more polished,” said Miriam Pettinen, director of partnerships and mobile strategy at Modiface.

After contouring your face to fit your desired look, you can create a video and share it with friends and family or save the picture/video and share it on your social networks.

“I have heard of other apps that modify your face, although I have yet to hear of this one. Knowing that you can modify your face all by simply using your cellphone and tablet is remarkable,” said Amy Bargallo, 23, of Dominican descent.

“However, if I were to share a photo of some sort I would disclaim that I used the app to do so.”

Yet the potential for the technology employed in the app to revolutionize work in varying fields is astounding.

“This app would be useful professionally,” said Rodolfo Santana, 24, a Cuban-American. “For example, for someone contemplating plastic surgery, the surgeon can provide the patient with a before and after look or use the app to help the patient achieve a look that they’re happy with.”

An observation that is validated by the fact that the technology behind the ‘Beauty Mirror’ app will be used by anti-aging and skin-care brands as simulation for their respective products.

The company has also stated that it will provide a new feature in the upcoming months that will allow users to modify their appearance while using video chat programs.

This might just take the term “Catfish” to a whole new level.







Nadine Melo obtained an MA in Global Strategic Communications from Florida International University. She enjoys writing about technology, design, beauty and health. Though Melo was born in New York, her mother and father are from the Dominican Republic.

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