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Artist On The Rise: Fehr Rivas y ‘El Lujo De Sonar’

For most of us, life is about finding our purpose and fulfilling our wildest desires. After all, what’s life without goals or dreams?

Meet Artist On The Rise Fehr Rivas from Michoacan, Mexico. A romantic bad-ass who want’s to seep his way into our hearts (and minds) with his lyrics and with the chords of his guitar.

Born Fernando Luis Rivas, to parent’s who have majors in Philosophy and Political Science- they hoped that Fehr would follow in their footsteps.

At an early age Fehr discovered he had a passion for music. “Todo comenzó con un sueño. Desde muy pequeñito siempre hubo mucha música en mi casa. Fue a raíz de eso que decidí tomarlo como mi pasión.” said Fehr.”Y me recuerdo que al rededor de los 12 o 13 años le dije a mi mama: ‘Sabes que mama, I want to be a rockstar. I want to go to L.A. and be like Guns-n-Roses.’ said Fehr as he laughed.

And despite his parent’s desire to pursue a career in science, they supported him. His mom looked at Fehr and said” Sabes que mijo, no cualquiera se da el el lujo de soñar y sobre todo vivirlo.”

And just like that a dream was born — and so was the title of his FIRST album. Feeling inspired and motivated, Fehr knew nothing could stop him.

With time the Moreliano artist made his way into the ‘City of Angels’ Los Angeles, California with his guitar and a suitcase full of dreams.

Fehr got his humble start where he felt most at home-small cafe’s that served more than just coffee.

He knew that it was these types of venues that would solidify his audience for his self-proclaimed ‘RockMantic’ genre- a blend of rock-n-roll music and romantic lyrics.

Fehr’s unique sound was inspired by rock bands like Guns-N-Roses, U2, Queen & Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Admiraba la energía.” said Fehr about rock music. “El rock es algo que tiene energía , adrenalina, pasión y empuje.”

But it’s his use of Romantic lyrics and rock music that complement each other that make him stand out from the rest. “Me encanta el romanticismo. Siempre me ha gustado la poesía y la literatura. ” said Fehr whose lyrics are inspired by poets like Jaime Sabines, Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedeitti & Gabriel Garcia Marquez to name a few.

His latest single, ‘Punto G’ (G-Spot) which was released earlier this Summer, is one of 10 songs from his FIRST, yet-to-be-released album ‘El Lujo De Soñar’.

‘Punto G’ is a fusion of urban-reggaeton rhythms combined with rock. The title alone ‘Punto G’ playfully suggest it’s a sensual, sexual song. But when you listen to the lyrics of ‘Punto G’ you understand that it’s far more than just sexual satisfaction-it’s about being ultimately connected with your partner in an emotional way in order to achieve full ecstasy.

“Muchos nos han enseñado que tiene que hacer algo, que tenga que ver única y exclusivamente con la intimidad.” said Fehr. “El Punto G, yo creo, que se trabaja. Y eso es el corazón. ” said Fehr about the meaning of his latest single.

Hablamos con Fehr y el nos dice que significa el ‘Punto G’ para el.

Our reporter Jackie Diaz met with the rising star in a small cafe in Doral, FL to talk about his new album ‘El Lujo De Soñar’, his inspiration for music and his new single ‘Punto G’.


Jaclyn Diaz holds a BA in Mass Communications from Florida International University. She worked at WSVN Channel 7 for five years and covered entertainment events for Deco Drive. Jackie has contributed articles to 53-weeks.com; a mom blog, ExclusiveAcess.net and OurBrickell.com. She's now freelancing as a reporter. You can keep up with Jackie on Instagram @jackie_sd

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