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Antonio Barullo performs halftime show at Miami Heat game

Antonio Barullo, a gypsy singer, from Spain is making a name for himself in the latin urban music world.

The sounds of Gypsy singer Antonio Barullo’s Spanish guitar and the upbeat rhythms of his single “Disfruta La Vida” lit up the stage at Noche Latina on Saturday, March 19th, during halftime at the Miami Heat versus the Cleveland Cavaliers game at the American Airlines Arena.

The catchy lyrics of Barullo’s “Disfruta la Vida” invited show goers to enjoy life and filled the air with its lively chorus, “…y que la fiesta no se acabe jamas”, “…and may the party never end”. 

Antonio Barullo performs at the Miami Heat game.

Spanish singer, Antonio Barullo, performs at Noche Latina, part of Bacardi’s Concert Series, during halftime at the Miami Heat versus Cleveland Cavaliers game in the American Airlines Arena in Miami. (Photo courtesy of Beats Communications).

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It’s safe to say, the party is far from ending, for the Latin Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, who performed on the Xfinity East Plaza as part of the Bacardi Concert Series, which has featured other artists such as Swizz Beatz and DJ Esco.

“Sharing my music with fans is always a pleasure,” said Barullo in an interview with Press Pass Latino. “But doing it for the Miami Heat and in the American Airlines Arena was a great honor.”

Antonio Barullo has found much success with his first single "Disfruta la Vida".

Antonio Barullo’s “Disfruta la Vida” has found it’s way to the top of Billboard’s Tropical Songs chart. (Photo courtesy Beats Communications).

Barullo, who collaborated on a remix version of “Disfruta la Vida” with Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer J Alvarez and Panamanian urban music artist Flex, also highlighted the fact that his show was scheduled during one of the season’s most awaited games.

“I’m very thankful to the organization for allowing me to perform during halftime, at such an important game,” he said. “But I’m even more grateful to the fans, who danced to my music and sang along to ‘Disfruta la Vida'”

For Barullo, who was born in Figueras, Spain, music has always been second nature and the passion to pursue it professionally is something that has been passed down in his family from generation to generation.

The singer is the youngest of the nine Cortes brothers. (Barullo is a nickname).

In an interview with The Miami New Times, Barullo, opened up about his gitano culture, and confessed he remains true to his nomadic roots, musically and physically. He also expressed shock over what he called, “an overwhelmingly positive response” to his latest single.

“The truth is, ‘Disfruta la Vida’ has gotten the best response of anything I’ve done since I went solo,” he said to the New Times. “I didn’t expect it, and it’s been a great surprise.”

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‘Disfruta la Vida’, which was recorded in Miami, Fl., made its way to the top of the Billboard’s Tropical Songs chart and secured a number one spot.

We wonder where Antonio Barullo will take the infectious sounds of his Spanish guitar and ‘Disfruta la Vida” to next.

Watch the official video for Antonio Barullo’s “Disfruta la Vida” featuring J Alvarez and Flex, below:


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