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Aimee Carrero on voicing Disney’s first Latina princess, missing Miami and what’s next for her on “Young and Hungry”

Aimee Carrero is the voice of Elena of Avalor

For the past few months, Dominican-born Miami-raised actress, Aimee Carrero, has been working on a very special project. She’s been spending time in the studio recording episodes for animated series “Elena of Avalor”, Disney’s first Latina princess.


Carrero, who became a hometown hit in Miami after a YouTube video she shot with a couple of friends titled “Shit Miami Girls Say” went viral, has been living and working in L.A. for almost a decade.


When I first sat across from her in a hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental, just minutes before our interview, I was taken aback by how petite and well-put together she was.


“She definitely looks like a princess,” I thought.


“Hi! I’m Aimee!,” she said and kissed me on the cheek. (So, Miami right?)


As the camera crew and production team adjusted lights and sound levels, we started to do what Miami girls do best, talk. I told her I had a few fan questions to ask her before we closed off the interview and asked her to remind me were I to forget.


“Oh cool! Are they, ‘Are you Selena Gomez?’,” she laughed and so did I. “Um…no. Thankfully not. Why? Do you get that a lot?”


Carrero says she used to hear the question more often but hasn’t in a while. I presumed it was because she’s since become more famous.



“No, I think it’s because Selena Gomez became more famous,” she says with a smile. “Now, everyone knows exactly what she looks like.”


I ask her if she misses home and if she can speak Spanish. “Si and si”.


She describes Miami as a very unique type of place, a very rich cultural melting pot and she misses listening to people casually speak in Spanish “out in the streets, the supermarket, wherever.”


“In L.A. it’s not like that, there’s pockets of Latinos here and there and smaller little communities whereas in Miami Latinos are everywhere,” she adds. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love Los Angeles it’s just that I’ll always be a Miami girl.”


They yell, “Ready on set…name and outlet please” and our official interview begins. (Watch the video above! We discussed her feelings about “Elena of Avalor” and becoming the voice of Disney’s first Latina princess, what’s next for her on Free Form’s Young and Hungry and if she has a love/hate with that famous viral video!)


“Elena of Avalor” premieres Friday, July 22, on Disney Channel at 7 P.M. Eastern Time.


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