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5 Things you don’t know about Vein

Vein likes to stay looking sharp, especially his beard

Puerto Rican-Russian music producer and recording artist Vein recently started becoming a household name. But the 29-year-old hunk’s fame was a long time coming, he’s spent the last few years jetting off from Los Angeles to New York and traveling the globe to share the stage with artists like “Mr. 305” Pitbull and J Balvin. Vein has collaborated with Latino superstars Enrique Iglesias and Alejandro Sanz and worked with Ashanti, Leona Lewis and Robin Thicke.

Yet, there’s still a lot you don’t know about this green-eyed Latino. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Vein:

1. He loves sauces and salad dressings. 

“I put sauce on everything!,” Vein told Press Pass Latino. “I don’t even eat salad topped with dressing I eat dressing topped with salad.” If his food doesn’t have a sauce of some variety Vein’s simply not interested in eating it. Can someone get him some ranch?


Vein loves ranch dressing.

Vein likes his food saucy! If his salad doesn’t have a lot of salad dressing on it. He’s not interested. (Video Still)

2. Grooming is one of his top priorities 

Before his interview with Press Pass Latino Vein made an unusual pit-stop. He visited his barber, IN THE BATHROOM OF A BOSTON MARKET, to get his beard “shaped up just for you “. Looking his best and keeping his grooming game on point are priorities for Vein, who also works out on a daily basis to keep his body looking right for fans.


Vein likes to stay looking sharp, especially his beard

Vein likes taking care of himself and he does it all for the fans. Grooming and fitness are top priorities for him. (Courtesy Veinsworld Instagram)

3. He likes recording without his shirt on

He claims not to know why but Vein says he likes recording without his shirt on. “It’s crazy because I have tremendo nipples,” jokes the star. Hmmm..we’re sure some of you ladies would like an all access pass to Vein’s recording studio.

Veins records in the studio without a shirt on.

Vein says he doesn’t know why but that he likes hanging out without his shirt on. It’s ok. Your fans are not mad. (Courtesy Veinsworld Instagram)

4. His mom forced him to take piano lessons

“I play piano so well because when I was five years old my mother forced me to take lessons,” said the Translation singer. “She made me practice two hours every day and now I thank her for doing that.”

Vein plays the piano amazingly.

Vein plays the piano so well thanks to his mama! (Courtesy Veinsworld Instagram)

5. He loves dancing Salsa 

While Vein only speaks “un poquito” de Español he destroys the dance floor when he gets his Salsa on. “I love dancing Salsa,” he said. “And I think I’m pretty amazing at it.” He didn’t hesitate to put his money where he mouth was and grabbed a Press Pass Latino reporter to show off his Salsa skills. We’re sold.

Vein likes to dance salsa.

Latino? Check. Light eyes? Check. Salsa dancer? Check! Vein kills in on the dance floor. (Courtesy Veinsworld Instagram)



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