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5 Things You Don’t Know About Toby Love

Bachata singer Toby Love is working on a new album.

Bachata music artist, Toby Love, is topping the Tropical Billboard charts with his newest single, “We Never Looking Back”.  Love, who became famous while singing with bachata group Aventura, recently branched out on his own and is pursuing a solo career by doing just what the name of his new single implies. Toby Love talked to Press Pass Latino about his new goals and said he’s looking ahead to better and bigger projects, including plans to work in the film industry in the near future.

Sporting sunglasses and picture-perfect curls, Love met our production team at Columbus Circle in New York City.  Looking put together at all times is one of Toby Love’s pretty boy trademarks but the star opened up to us about 5 things you don’t know about him:

1. HE LOVES FEET?!! Yes, yes he does. 


Toby Love loves women who take care of their feet and get pedicures often.

Toby Love has a thing for women’s feet! He refuses to date a girl who doesn’t sport a fresh pedicure. Honestly, we can’t blame him!

When it comes to women, Toby Love simply loves feet. Foot fetish anyone? While we’re not sure his love for women’s feet is that serious, one thing’s for sure: the Puerto Rican American star says he’s all about the feet. Toby loves to see girls show off those pretty, freshly painted pedicured toes. So, any woman interested in him better make sure her feet are on point and looking flawless. Nails done, toes done, everything done!


Bachata singer Toby Love says he considers himself a shy guy

Despite being known as your typical Hispanic “Romeo” or latin lover, Toby Love, is a self-proclaimed “shy guy”. Hmm…interesting! (Toby Love Instagram)

Despite living his life in the public eye, Toby Love confesses “I’m very shy”.  The outgoing and friendly 30-year-old says that though most people  would never imagine him as the shy type he’s indeed “very, very shy”. Hmm… we’re not sure if we should believe this. Do you?


Toby Love is into all types of music.

Bachata may be his specialty but Toby Love is in love with all  different genres of music and says he even listens to Opera.

Toby Love joined Bachata group Aventura when he was 16 years old. He’s been singing and performing Bachata ever since but he professes his love to a wide array of musical genres. “I like listening to all kinds of music including opera and of course rap,” he said. Well, that makes sense! Toby Love recently work on an in-studio collaboration with controversial rapper French Montana on his latest hit single “We Never Looking Back”.


Toby Love has no problem admitting he's a Mama's Boy

Toby Love posted this photo with his grandma but the Bachata star confesses he’s a big time Mama’s boy and says if a girl can’t get along with his mom that’s a definite deal breaker. (Toby Love Instagram)

The path to Toby Love’s heart is a straight road leading right to his “momma”. That’s right ladies, if you don’t like his mom it’s just not going to work. Want to make it to a second date with Toby, get to know his mom and make nice with her. He was definitely not shy to scream it out loud and proud: “I’m a big MOMMA’s BOY!”


Toby Love's favorite food is a healthy serving of rice and beans.

You can win Toby Love’s heart very easily, just win him over with food! Food, food and more food! But rice and beans are his all-time favorite dish so if you can make a mean arroz con gandules or arroz con habichuelas you’re set.

Toby Love let us in on another secret: He’s a big time foodie and told us his favorite dish is a simple helping of rice and beans. Oh yeah!, he’s a big fan of Latino food too! So, if your pedicure isn’t always on point maybe you can wear some closed-toe shoes and win him over with your amazing skills in the kitchen, a hearty helping of arroz con frijoles, arroz con gandules or some habichuelas and you’re all set.


Erica Robinson is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Multimedia journalist in New York City. She received her Masters in Journalism from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She has worked abroad in Guatemala and was a production assistant for Canal 15 in San Jose, Costa Rica. She loves reporting on the Latino community and specializes in immigration issues.

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