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5 Strange Hispanic New Years Eve Superstitions

Latinos are known to participate in several strange superstitions and traditions for New Year’s Eve. A new year brings a renewed sense of hope for many people. But some Latinos believe that none of your hopes or dreams will come true if you don’t participate in these off-the-wall superstition rituals.

12 Grapes

At midnight when the clock strikes midnight, you’re supposed to eat 12 grapes to bring good fortune to your life for each month of the upcoming New Year. With each grape, you can make a wish or resolution for the new year in hopes that the year that is commencing is better than the one that has gone by.

Cleaning the House

Before any of the New Year festivities begin, many Hispanics take part in a ‘cleansing’ tradition. The tradition is to clean the whole house from top to bottom to remove all negative energy from the previous year and allow new and more positive energy to enter the home. So, don’t mess with Abuela when she’s “in the zone” cleaning, you’ll get the chancleta! 

Lucky Underwear

This is probably as weird as it gets! Want to have an amazing 2015? Make sure you have the right underwear on. The legend goes, if you wear yellow underwear you’ll have good fortune for the next 365 days.

If you wear red underwear, you’ll be sure to find love and passion in the new year.

Hiding Money

Hide your money! Wait…what? Yes, stash your money all around the house as an omen for  prosperity in the New Year. Just make sure you hide it in a secure location so that your drunk uncle doesn’t think he hit the jackpot during the party and leaves you high and dry.

Bucket of Water

This strange tradition might seem excessive to some. You must fill up a bucket of water and toss it through each room of the house in order to remove all the bad energy from your home and prepare it for the start of the new year. Do it and your house will be flooded with good vibes! Pun totally intended.

So, are these traditions a bit out of the ordinary? Yes! But as quirky as they may be traditions are what tie one generation to the next in any culture. Now, pick your “thing” and ring in the New Year in style, whether it’s by splashing water all over your house or simply wearing your sexy new red undies.

Happy New Year!


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