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4 cheap ways to get around Brickell

The metrorail is a cheap method of transportation in Brickell.
Get where you need to go in Brickell by riding the City of Miami trolley.

The City of Miami trolley can help you get around Brickell for a low fare. (Press Pass Latino/ Bita Nikooie)

Whether you’re on vacation or lucky enough to be a local, it’s no secret that Brickell is the fastest-paced area in Miami and everybody has some place to go. You’re dashing off to work, a restaurant or a nightclub, the question is how are you gonna get there?

$10 for an eight block taxi ride just doesn’t make sense. It’s okay though, we got you! Here are four easy ways to get around Brickell – on the cheap. Oh yeah and they’re eco-friendly too!

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Trolley around in the City of Miami Trolley

Rather than sitting in the back of a taxi spilling all your problems to a cabbie, you can spill your problems to the person next to you on the trolley for free!

Yeah that’s right! You can board the City of Miami trolley for the oh-so-cheap price of nothing! The city provides free entrance for all riders. However, being free isn’t what has made the trolley so popular. It’s the good reputation it has achieved for its consistency. Miami trolley stops are located at every block and it arrives approximately every 20 minutes.  Cheap transportation in Brickell isn’t but a trolley ride away.

The Trolley continuously heads northbound and southbound of Brickell, Mon- Sat from 6:30AM to 11:00PM and on Sundays from 8:00AM to 8:00PM. Covering everywhere in Brickell, the route runs from NE 15 ST through SW 26 RD.Trolley around in the City of Miami Trolley

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Citi bikes in Brickell

Citi bike stations are being set up all over Brickell. Soon locals and tourists will be able to enjoy the bike sharing program which allows for hourly bike rentals. (Press Pass Latino/ Bita Nikooie)

Get your Lance Armstrong on! Biking is still free the last time I checked. Mount your brake and seize the day in Brickell, as it is one of the most bike friendly areas in Miami. With bike racks all over Brickell including one right outside the Metromover station, you can park your bike and explore Brickell with no worries.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a bike you don’t have to break the bank to get a hold of one. Brickell Bike Shop has got you covered. You can peddle your way from here to there in an urban hybrid city bike for four hours for only $20. Need the bike for the full day? $30 will do the trick.

But if you don’t have the extra $30, a more affordable method of biking transportation system will soon be available in the area because Citi Bike is coming to Brickell. Installations for the bike rental stations are already being spotted all over town.

The Miami Herald has reported that several stations will be placed at key cultural and civic attractions, including PAMM, Bayfront Park and Mary Brickell Village.

The bike sharing program offers $4 half-hour rentals or $24 full day rentals. It also offers memberships prices ranging from $25 to $35 a month for unlimited 60-minute rides Hourly rentals range from $4 for a half hour, to $24 for the entire day.

Move it on the Metromover

The metromover is an affordable way to get around Brickell.

The metromover is not as bad as you think. Give it a shot! It’s only $4. (Press Pass Latino/ Bita Nikooie)

The eco-friendly, electrically-powered Metromover is another source of free transportation that Brickell offers. It’s well-maintained and smells a lot better than you think. And did I already mention that it’s free! If you ask me the Metromover is the unsung hero of Miami’s public transportation system. It runs seven days a week from 5AM-Midnight.

The Brickell station is located on 1001 SW 1st Avenue and is the closest stop for Brickell hot spots like Brickell Key, Mary Brickell Village and Simpson Park.

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Metrorail Madness

The metrorail is a cheap method of transportation in Brickell.

Buying an Easy Card makes the metrorail a cheap way to get around in Brickell. (Press Pass Latino/ Bita Nikooie)

Might be the loudest option, but the Metrorail is a viable way to get around Brickell. And Although it’s not free like the others the Metrorail is still a very affordable and eco-friendly source of transportation in the Brickell area.

The Metrorail does not accept cash; to aboard it you must get the EASY card, a re-loadable fare card.The $2.25 Metrorail fare is still very reasonable. You can buy an EASY card on government website miamidade.gov. It’s a very easy process, so no stress there.

The train operates daily from 5:00AM-midnight and features frequent stops.

The Brickell Metrorail station is located on 801 SW 1st Avenue which is nearby the Brickell Metromover station so you can conveniently hop off one and on to the other.

So, if you didn’t know now you know. Getting from point A to point B in Brickell doesn’t have to empty your pockets and if you think about it most of these cheap transportation options are less expensive than paying for parking for your car.

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