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10 new ways to celebrate your Birthday in your late 20’s

Do something different for your birthday this year.

As we get older, we realize week-long birthday celebrations are really not as cool as they once seemed. Some people stop celebrating their birthdays altogether. But I still believe birthdays are worth recognizing and celebrating. While bar hopping or going out for dinner are traditional ways to get friends together to celebrate birthdays, here are 10 alternative and fun ideas to ring in your personal new year!:

1. Paint Party

For your birthday try painting with a twist

Having a painting party is a fun and creative way of celebrating your birthday with friends.

Painting with a Twist is a great place where you can pop a bottle open with friends and let out your inner artist. It’s BYOB and BYOF, they provide the rest. This is what I ended up doing for my birthday this year. You can read about it here. I was worried my friends wouldn’t be interested, but they were, even the guys! With the help of our patient painting instructor and some liquid courage, everyone painted masterpieces.

2. Beach Party

this year for your birthday try a beach party.

A nice day out at the beach is simple and fun way to spend your birthday.

My birthday is in February, but even living in Miami, there’s never a guarantee that my winter birthday will be warm enough for a beach day. If you happen to have a summer birthday, you should take advantage and have fun in the sun! If you don’t live near the ocean, you can make it a pool party or a lake party.

3. Themed Party

Themed parties are very popular for birthday party choices.

There are many fun and creative themes you can pick to celebrate your birthday party. You can have a tea party with summer themed cupcakes!

Themes are always fun! They’re creative which gives your guests the chance to dress for the occasion. You can have a decade themed party or Havana Nights and hire a cigar roller. If your birthday is in the fall, close to Halloween, these kind of parties work well since there’s more chances of finding the materials you need to create the look you’re going for.

4. Adventure

Kayaking is a fun way to celebrate any birthday.

A day filled with adventure is a perfect way to spend any birthday! Try outdoor activities like kayaking.

Kayaking, paddle boarding, indoor trampoline parks like Sky Zone, and rock climbing are all great ways get your friends together in an adventurous way. Create a field day with your friends and have competitions. Your friends will have so much fun and remember your birthday. You can always go bar hopping later that evening if you still have the energy for it.

5. Kids Party with an Adult Twist

Throw an child party with an adult twist.

What better way to celebrate your birthday then to allow yourself to act like a kid again? Bounce House fun anyone?

I have yet to plan this one, but it’s on my bucket list. Most of my friends have kids now so I have been attending a lot of birthday parties at a local park, with bounce houses, balloon animals, and other activities. Well, what if you took that same concept and added an adult twist? What would you fill the piñata with or even the snow cones? I would definitely have a cotton candy machine. I love cotton candy and never had one at any of my birthdays. Let your inner child roam free and have the birthday you always wanted as a kid.

6. Travel

Travel on your birthday, it's a lot of fun.

Spending your birthday in a completely new place is an amazing way to celebrate one more year of life!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”- Anonymous
You’re an adult. You already know what the inside of a club looks like or the bar. You’ve been to your favorite restaurant so much, they know you by name. Maybe it’s time to sail away, go on a road trip, or fly to someplace you’ve never been. Travel someplace fun or relaxing. If it’s winter in your neck of the woods, visit the Caribbean. Go alone, with a significant other, or in a group. Book your birthday trip and treat yourself to the experiences of a lifetime.

7. Relax with a Spa Day

a Spa Day is a fun way to celebrate Galentine's Day

Let’s face it, Spa Days are just so much fun! Grab your closest friends and plan a birthday full of rest and relaxation.

You are a busy 20-something year old. You’re trying to move up in your career, working late hours so the boss will notice. You probably have a family to attend to when you get home. You’ve got a social life to keep up with, but never anytime for you. It’s your birthday, treat yourself! Get pampered, you deserve it.

8. Game Night

For your birthday this year, plan a game night.

Game nights are so much fun and it’s an easy way to get everybody in the party involved!

I always have a blast with game nights, but I feel no one ever thinks to have these nights more often. Maybe you’re not feeling up for anything this birthday. You’ve become a low-key person. You just want to chill out. Have yourself a game night! Choose from classic games like Taboo, Monopoly, or Jenga. You can always try new games like Cards Against Humanity or Celebrity Game Night.

9. Wine Tasting

Attending a wine night is a fun way to celebrate your birthday.

Birthday wine tasting? I think so! Gather a small group of friends and visit a local winery or liquor store for some wine tasting fun.

Find a Groupon for a nearby wine tasting event or winery and treat your taste buds. You can also just buy different types of wine at a wholesale store and host your own wine tasting at home. Pair it with cheese or meats and other bites. Check out Pinterest for bite-size snacks you can pair with wine.

10. Picnic

Picnics are simple and fun ways to celebrate birthdays.

Spend a nice day out at the park and enjoy a delicious homemade picnic! It’ll make your friends singing happy birthday that much sweeter!

Come one, come all! Have a potluck picnic with family and friends. Throw a football around or just relax. Bring your bike and go for a ride or just people watch. You can have a picnic by the water and enjoy water sports with your friends.
You might be getting older, but you don’t need to act “old”. Don’t stress over the plans, just pick something that you are excited about and your friends will come. They’re there to celebrate you, so be selfish and spoil yourself! After all, it’s your birthday you’re allowed.


Joanna DeJesus graduated with a B.A in Television – Writing/Producing from Columbia College of Chicago. Born in New York, but raised in Miami, Joanna is half Nicaraguan and half "Nuyorican". She's a freelancer in the TV/film industry and has worked on the series Burn Notice, Ride Along 2, and other independent features.

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